Miller PROHEAT35 medium frequency induction heater pipeline maintenance training exchange meeting

In March, Jiangnan, fine rain, all things.

From March 27th to 30th, more than 40 leaders and technical experts from China National Petroleum Corporation and Sinopec National Pipeline Maintenance Company gathered in the Asia-Pacific R&D Center of ITW Welding Group in Zhangpu Industrial Zone, Kunshan City, on the Miller Proheat35 IF. The induction heater is used for lifting learning training. At this point, the Miller Proheat35 medium frequency induction heater has started its service history in the oil and gas pipeline maintenance industry.

The pipeline maintenance department is the “fire brigade” of the oil and gas pipeline operation. It shoulders the emergency treatment of the sudden occurrence of oil and gas pipelines, has strict requirements on the performance and reliability of construction equipment, and has a strong interest in the cutting-edge technology of construction equipment. 

Proheat35 medium frequency induction heater system

Bigblue700Duo Pro double station engine power generation welder

The students are listening carefully

Miller Proheat35 medium frequency induction heater has a long-term mature application in the pipeline laying construction industry, and has made a rapid breakthrough in the maintenance industry, which makes the combination of Miller equipment and on-site emergency, providing a series of unprecedented solutions.

ITW Welding Group's GOP (Oil and Gas Pipeline Division) market application manager and after-sales service team made a careful arrangement for this training exchange. More than 10 branches of each pipeline company participated in the training exchange, and Miller Proheat35 medium frequency induction heater In the pipeline maintenance industry's industry requirements and applications, a brainstorming discussion was carried out, and long-term application recommendations for the Miller Proheat35 IF induction heater were proposed. At the same time, the customer will also inductively heat the intermediate frequency in subsequent field applications. The application proposes constructive requirements.

GOP segment refinery manager is seriously teaching

Learning atmosphere is serious

Xiao Xiao manager is giving a serious lecture

The Miller Proheat35 IF induction heater has the following features:

1, green energy saving, only less than 5% of the electrical energy used for the heater itself, more than 90% of the electrical energy can be used for workpiece heating.
2, heating speed, φ1219MM pipe diameter, only 2 minutes can be heated to 150 °C preheating requirements, the maximum heating temperature is 788 ° C, to meet the temperature requirements of any heat treatment.
3, flexible application, flexible heating cable can adapt to a variety of irregular heated parts, to achieve no dead angle heating.
4, to improve the working environment, the welder does not have to be exposed to the flame, explosive gas or hot heating device environment of gas or resistance heating.
5, leakage protection function, once the power supply output is shorted to the ground, the system automatically stops outputting, and uses a sensing line to feed back leakage information to the power supply to start the protection system.
6, adapt to a wide range, can be adjusted by limiting the output power to adapt to the work output matching of different types of power stations in the field construction.

Experts from the Western Pipeline Company are discussing the pipeline repair site
Proheat35 medium frequency induction heater on-site targeted explanation

The exchange meeting and training meeting lasted for three days. The communication principle and on-site fault maintenance were mainly carried out. The on-site demonstration and actual machine drill were carried out in the laboratory. At the same time, the Bigblue700 engine power generation welding for Miller pipeline was introduced. Machine related performance and on-site operation training.

While promoting the Miller equipment, it also promoted the presentation and practical operation of Hobart welding consumables and WACHS cutting equipment in the group, so that customers can fully understand the professionalism and pertinence of ITW Group products.

ITW Group WACHS beveling machine on-site drill
Miller Bigblue700 engine power welding machine on-site drill

Through this exchange and training, Miller equipment is more industry-specific and professional in the maintenance industry, providing better materials for the promotion and application of Miller equipment and HOBART welding consumables in the pipeline industry.

ITW Welding Group actively responds to the national “13th Five-Year Oil and Gas Pipeline Planning” and provides more targeted and professional products to provide the best products and services for China's oil and gas pipeline construction.

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