Grandly celebrate the 50th anniversary of TienTai Electrode Co., Ltd.

Grandly celebrate the 50th anniversary of TienTai Electrode Co., Ltd.

TienTai Electrode Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TienTai Electrode)held the 50th Anniversary Celebration and Family Day in Janfusun FancyworldTheme Park to celebrate the history of excellence and accomplishments of 50-year-oldwelding consumables manufacturer on July 15th, 2023.

The vice president/general manager of ITW Welding Group Greater China, Mr.Song Ling, presided over the ceremony. He encouraged all colleagues and appreciatedthe distributors (agents) and family members for their support. In addition tocommending outstanding and senior employees at the celebration, a lucky drawwas also arranged for the family members of the employees and distributors whohave achieved the past 50 years together. In the afternoon, there were warm,laughing, various scavenger hunt game and check-ins, etc. The complete success ofthe event welcomes the journey of next 50 years.

The 50-year history of Tientai represents the development of Taiwan'swelding industry, always adhering to the pursuit of excellent quality andsustainable development. Tientai product line covers various types of weldingmaterials and applications, including shipbuilding, steel structures,low-temperature storage tanks, offshore wind power, and oil and gas pipelines. Toresponse to market changes, Tiantai Welding Materials continuously develops newproducts based on the needs of end users and successfully introduces productsto the market. Tientai notable projects include Taipei 101, Taipei Dome,Nangang World Trade Center, Tamkang Bridge, Formosa Plastics Sixth NaphthaCracker Plant, Formosa Plastics Ethylene Propylene Storage Tanks, CPC FourthRefinery, Nuclear Power Plant No. 4, Da Tan/Taichung/Hsing-Ta/Da-Lin PowerPlants, and the underwater foundations of the Greater Changhua offshorewind projects...

As Tientai enters the next 50 years, the company will continue to adhereto a customer-centric approach, strive to meet market demands, drivetechnological innovation, and contribute to the development of variousindustries. Tientai will continuously challenge itself, pursue excellence, andprovide customers with even better quality products and services.

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