Tientai TS-309LD welding rod in the container

309L austenitic stainless steel welding materials are usually used as a transition layer when used. With the development of single-layer strip welding process, new technical requirements have emerged in the application of internal welding of containers: in the base metal ASTM A387 Gr.11 is surfacing 309L austenitic stainless steel welding material with a thickness of 5mm or more. It is required that the weld line of the surfacing layer meets the composition of 308L (which can satisfy 309L) at least 3mm, and the side bend is qualified after heat treatment at 690±13°C/10.5h, and the ferrite meets FN3-10.

As one of the indispensable welding consumables for this kind of application, the welding rod has a transition layer and a surface layer of 309L, which also needs to meet the above technical requirements. Tientai's TS-309LD stainless steel surfacing welding electrode has been tested and fully meets the special technical requirements.

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