TWE-712 improves vertical welding efficiency

Ship welding is one of the key process technologies in the shipbuilding process. At present, with the large-scale shipbuilding, the role of welding in shipbuilding is becoming more and more prominent. In addition, the shortage of high-tech welding talents in China and the rising cost of human resources are increasing. This makes it more difficult for the quality of welding of ships that used to rely on labor to win. At present, domestic shipbuilding companies are difficult to recruit a large number of skilled welding talents, and it is difficult to guarantee the welding quality and welding efficiency of ships. Therefore, how to improve the welding efficiency and ensure the welding quality has become a topic that must be considered by the welding engineers of major shipbuilding companies. It is well known that the welding of longitudinal bones, inner bottom plates and flat outer plates during the hull welding process, decks and longitudinals, cabins The welding between the wall, the superstructure deck and the beam will involve the welding of many fillet welds, so we can improve the speed of shipbuilding by increasing the welding efficiency of the fillet welds, especially the efficiency of the fillet welds. We have developed TWE-712 flux-cored wire, which is a high-efficiency flux-cored wire specially developed for vertical welding parameters and efficiency to achieve vertical vertical welding. It has the following characteristics. :
1. Vertical welding is used with large specifications, welding current can be used up to 190A~280A, and the welding efficiency is increased by 30%~70%;

2. The weld bead is beautifully formed, the size of the weld bead is easy to control, the grinding and wire loss are reduced, and the welding consumable can be saved by 10%~30%;

3. It is possible to carry out the welding of the robot without swinging, and it is only necessary to adjust the speed without adjusting the swing, and the operation is more convenient;

4. Since the welding efficiency can be greatly improved, the welding wire is saved, the grinding repair and rework are reduced, and the overall welding cost is greatly reduced.

Stand up welding and welding preparation

Stand up welding seam forming

Comparison of TWE-712 products and ordinary welding wire welding parameters:

由于TWE-712产品良好的工艺性能,并能大幅度的提高立向上焊接的效率,从而大大降低焊接综合成本,因此该产品得到了客户端的一致好评。Due to the good process performance of TWE-712 products, and the efficiency of vertical welding can be greatly improved, which greatly reduces the overall cost of welding, the product has been well received by the client.

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